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Best Blue Water Resorts

Here is your selection of the best European destinations to spend a wonderful holiday in crystal clear waters

Things to Consider When Renting a Car

We are always looking for the best car rental deal

The Largest Airlines in the World

Which is the largest airline in the world?

Miracle City Istanbul

Istanbul was the capital city of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empire

Do you have travel plans for the near future?

Whether the purpose of your plan is business or vacation, we can plan all your terrestrial journeys that you will need during your journey together.

Doing dozens of alternative websites for all your needs, making price comparisons is a complex task that requires energy and time. Writing or saving somewhere in order to spread all these processes over time and evaluate the results later can become inexhaustible as alternatives increase.

Carwix gives you the opportunity to access hundreds of alternative options that suit your needs on a single platform without visiting dozens of websites. It takes the burden of research and stress that must be done before the holidays.

Airport Transfer

For a safe and comfortable journey to the facility where you will be staying from the airport, you can plan your airport private transfer needs with different class of vehicles and price options and create your reservation.

Rent a car

The car rental service, whose supply and demand ratio is increasing rapidly all over the world, continues to develop in order to meet the individual and corporate-scale demands. With its rising trend and economic structure, car rental service, which offers its users a comfortable, free and dynamic holiday, business travel, has been firmly integrated into both the enterprise ecosystem and the individual life.

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