About Us

Carwix is ​​a tourism-oriented technology initiative that aims to make it easier for customers to plan their business or leisure trips and to combine all the alternative methods they may need under one platform.

Technological developments all over the world caused a rapid change in travel and vacation planning habits. This change has not been completed yet and it is not possible to predict how much it can evolve.

In our recent past, we were wasting time, energy and money to make all these vacation and travel plans. With smart devices, which are quickly incorporated into our lives - telephones, televisions, even cars in the very near future, it enables a crowded family to leave the house for the holidays, arrive at the facility where they will spend their vacation, and plan the entire trip to the door of the holiday home. The good thing is that these plans are getting shorter every day and their costs are decreasing.

The obligation to be just a good winner to go on vacation is now gone. Vacation and travel plans can be created very simply according to any budget. A single reservation can accommodate flight tickets, airport and hotel transfers, car rental, accommodation and even food and beverage orders and many other services.

Using the technology of Carwix, visitors can easily and quickly search and book the most suitable option including private airport transfers, car rental and long-term parking services in the world's leading airports with the best price guarantee.

Carwix closely monitors all these developments, integrates them into its infrastructure without delay and focuses on meeting its customers' needs by providing time, time and cost economy. It also takes steps towards being a producer rather than an enterprise consuming technology with its R&D investments.

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