Agri Airport (AJI)

Agri Airport (AJI)

Agri Province, a province in the eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. It takes its name from Mount Ararat. Ağrı, a district in 1834 and a district in 1869, became a province in 1927.

When the tribes came to Anatolia from Central Asia, Ağrı was a transition that was the scene of many civilizations. However, since these civilizations considered Ağrı as a door, they could not create here a very deeply rooted civilization.

The rush took place between 1340 and 1200 BC. The region lost power to the Hittites who had dominated the region. The Hurrians could not keep Ağrı, which is far from the center of the kingdom of Urfa.

The Urartians were the most deeply rooted civilization. It began during the reign of King Ispuini (825 BC - 810 BC) and during the Menua period (810 BC - 786 BC) north and northeast of Lake Van Urartu. The castles built on the north and northeast roads show that the trips made here are planned in advance. A Urartian inscription found on the slopes of Mount Ararat between the villages of Karakoyunlu and Taşburun is the last proof of the sovereignty of King Menua in this region.

The Cimmerians went to the Kızılırmak tribes in 712 BC. Return and rule temporarily established in Agri. Medler (708 BC - 555 BC) entered an expansion process with the collapse of the Assyrian state and therefore added Ağrı and its surroundings to its territory.

With the collapse of Medler, the Persians; Persian King of Alexander the Great III. In Darius 331 BC, they lived in the region for about two centuries until they took control of Anatolia. Armenians and Georgians, who took advantage of the divide created by the death of Alexander the Great, took control of the region.

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