Amasya Merzifon Airport (MZH)

Amasya Merzifon Airport (MZH)

Amasya Province, a province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. The center is Amasya. There are 7 districts together with the central district, 20 cities and 349 connected villages.

The first known name of Amasya is "Amaseia". This name was given by Strabon, known as the world's first geographer. "Amaseia" is the name given to the queens of the people living in the Amozones.

Geography is also a province of the central Black Sea region of the Black Sea region. Neighbors of the province: Samsun to the north, Corum to the west, Tokat to the east and southeast, Yozgat to the south.

Districts Central District: The area is 1730 km², the population is 158,714 people, of which 99,900 live in the city center, 58,814 in towns and villages. It has 7 cities and 100 villages, including Aydınca, Doğantepe, Ezinepazar, Uygur, Yassıçal, Yelux Yenice and visitors.

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