Travel to Austria with reliable airport taxi transfer and car rental

Travel to Austria with reliable airport taxi transfer and car rental

Austria, largely mountainous landlocked country in south-central Europe. Together with Switzerland it forms what is characterized as the neutral core of Europe, Austria's full membership in the supranational European Union since 1995.

Present-day Austria is what was once the German-speaking core and center of power of the great multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian empire with its imperial capital, Vienna. This empire stretched eastward from present-day Austria to much of east-central and south-central Europe.

Austria is a federation. Each of the nine federal states has a unique and distinct culture.

Austrians are not easy to categorize. The main reason why Austrians distinguish themselves from their European neighbors is that they are not particularly different from the rest. Austrians are moderate in their outlook and behavior. Because they are at the crossroads of Europe, their culture is influenced from different sides. The stereotype of the yodeling, thigh-sleeping, beer-swelling xenophobic may apply to a few individuals, but certainly not to the majority of Austrians.

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