Best Fountains You Should Watch

Best Fountains You Should Watch

These fountains are made to amaze people and show the richness, inventiveness and talent of their makers. Each fountain is unique and has taken many years of work. Let's take a look at the selection of some of the most beautiful fountains in Europe.

1. Geneva, Switzerland:
There are so many ways to discover Geneva; the Geneva Pass is one of them. You can also enjoy great tours of Geneva, a boat trip to the castle of Chillon, but don't miss the "Water Jet"!
The history of this fountain is incredible. As the population of Geneva grew in the early 20th century, the need for water also increased and a hydraulic installation was commissioned. Everything worked fine, except one evening when workers left the factory: strong pressure caused serious damage. A safety valve is installed to release the high pressure through a water jet. The "Water Jet" of Geneva was born.

2. Barcelona, ​​Spain:
Come and discover the "Magic Fountains" of Montjuïc in Barcelona. These beautiful fountains were created by Carles Buigas, a Catalan architect born in Barcelona. The magic fountains were one of the main attractions of the Expo 1929 in Barcelona. That genius architect was also an author and an inventor who left a trail in Barcelona.

3. Rome, Italy:
Ranked among the Seven Wonders of Europe, the Trevi Fountain is an eighteenth-century monument and one of Rome's most popular tourist attractions. It took over 30 years to create the Trevi Fountain. Located in one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, the Trevi Fountain is the meeting point for lovers who throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish.

4. Paris, France:
Discover the Fontaine du Trocadéro in the chic 16th arrondissement in Paris, opposite the Eiffel Tower. As is often the case in Europe, the fountains were built to demonstrate the power of cities at certain events. The Trocadero fountain was created for the Expo 1878, but the current version dates from 1937 for the newest Expo in Paris.

5. Istanbul, Turkey:
The Blue Mosque is one of the most important monuments in Istanbul and is also called Sultanahmet Camii Mosque, named after its founder, Sultan Ahmet I. Enter the mosque and discover the interior of the beautiful building. The Blue Mosque Fountain is a perfect place to take pictures of the mosque and take a rest after long walks in Istanbul.

7. Manheim, Germany:
Mannheim is a fairly new German city: it is less than 500 years old. Mannheim is an important university city, the center of which is particularly interesting for its Art Nouveau architecture, for example the Mannheim water tower that overlooks this beautiful fountain.
Come and discover Mannheim by booking your accommodation for the best price and your best activities in Mannheim.

8. Wroclaw, Poland:
Which one do you prefer in Wroclaw? The magnificent and impressive "Multimedia fountain" or the very beautiful one in the old historic center? Both are worth a visit. There is always something going on in Wroclaw, the city of a hundred bridges.

9. Madrid, Spain:
Fountains in Europe are often made to celebrate an event or to showcase the wealth and power of a city. In the 18th century, Madrid wanted to rise to the level of the very large cities of Europe such as Paris and Saint Petersburg by donating emblematic monuments such as the Cibeles Fountain. If you're a great traveler, you may have seen a replica of this statue in Mexico City in Cibeles Square.

10. Monte-Carlo, Monaco.
Monaco is one of the most beautiful destinations on the French Riviera. The country is slightly larger than Vatican City. Monaco has many tourist attractions, such as the harbor, the Royal Palace or the famous casino and the beautiful fountain. Book your hotel at the best price guaranteed in Monaco, as well as your best activities like a Ferrari Driving Experience in Monaco and treat yourself to a dream vacation.

11. Villa d'Este, Rome:
Tivoli is a 30-minute drive from Rome; you can easily get there by booking your transfer and your entrance tickets to Villa D'Este online. The Villa D'Este is one of the best examples of Italian gardens. It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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