Best Landscapes You can Visit

Best Landscapes You can Visit

The most beautiful landscapes in Europe, If you want to travel far away during your holiday in Europe, Here is a small list, the most beautiful ideas for landscapes to discover.

The Azores, Portugal:
Leave the Portuguese coasts and head to the Madeira Islands. It is a perfect destination for nature and hiking enthusiasts. The Azores lie further in the Atlantic Ocean, more than 1400 kilometers from Lisbon. This group of 9 volcanic islands offers breathtaking landscapes.

Book your hotel on one of the islands of Sao Miguel, Santa Maria, Faial, Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Jorge, Pico, Flores or Corvo and book your activities at the best prices, such as a visit to Lagoa do Fogo or a full day to volcanic valley and tea plant tour. We recommend that you visit the island from April to September.

Galesnjak Island, Croatia:
Welcome to the island of love. A few kilometers from Zadar, Galesnjak Island, also known as Cupid Island, is the only island in the world with a heart shape.
This form was discovered in the late 19th century by a cartographer. The island is very small with an area of ​​130 square meters. It does not house a hotel or restaurant. Book your hotel, guest house, B&B, apartment at the best price guaranteed in Zadar and book your best activities, such as a flight over the island of Galešnjak or a sunset kayak trip.

Hallstatt, Austria:
Hallstatt, a beautiful Austrian village so beautiful that the perfect copy has been rebuilt in China. In both cases, the originals are of course more authentic. Come and discover this small village of 800 inhabitants by staying in Hallstatt or in the nearby city of Salzburg. Book your hotel, guest house or apartment at the best price in Hallstatt or Salzburg, as well as your best activities in the region, such as a private tour of Hallstatt from Salzburg.

Bonifacio, France:
Discover Bonifacio in Corsica. It is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. The residents and lush landscapes leave you speechless. You can visit the island all year round. Corsica is an open air museum, it is perfect for those who love unspoilt nature, beaches, history, sea, sun and blue skies. Book your accommodation in Bonifacio and your best activities in Corsica.

Tuscany, Italy:
Tuscany is one of the best places to retire peacefully in Europe. The capital is beautiful and romantic Florence. Tuscany has other major cities such as the very famous Pisa. Tuscany is of course one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Discover the landscapes of Tuscany, the vineyards, cypress paths, gastronomy and the art of living of this region by booking your hotel for the best price and your best tours and activities in Tuscany.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland:
The Rhine Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in Europe, will amaze you. If you are sporty, climb the rock in the middle of these falls and take a picture with the Swiss flag. Book your hotel in Zurich at the best price and your best activities and tours in Zurich and discover this beautiful landscape. If you want to stay near the Rhine Falls, book your hotel in Neuhausen am Rheinfall.

The Svartisen Glacier, Norway
Welcome to the borders of Europe, close to the Arctic Circle and discover the Svartisen Glacier, Norway's second largest glacier, from tourist route number 17 that runs along the entire Norwegian coast. Book your accommodation at the best price near the Svartisen Glacier, as well as your best activities and tours in Norway.

Faroe Islands, Denmark:
Located between Scotland and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are autonomous and part of Denmark. The islands are perfect for people who like low temperatures.

Enjoy the incredible flora of the Faroe Islands as well as its inhabitants and enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. The Feroe Islands are not easy to reach, but there is an airport and a few hotels welcome you for your stay on these islands that have been turned into nature.

Oludeniz, Turkey:
Enjoy the beauty of the natural landscapes that make Oludeniz one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Under the blue flag you can enjoy pure turquoise water and the tranquility of a protected nature reserve. Go paragliding in Oludeniz and fly over one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Book your hotel, apartment, guest house in Oludeniz, as well as your best activities and tours in Oludeniz, such as a full day boat trip or paragliding adventure.

Bled, Slovenia:
Bled is one of the most famous destinations in Slovenia. The beautiful castle, which is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, overlooks Lake Bled, where you can see Slovenia's only island. Come and discover Bled by booking your hotel, guesthouse, apartment at the best guaranteed price and your best activities and tours.

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