The Amazing Lighthouses

The Amazing Lighthouses

Discover the most beautiful lighthouses in Europe. For hundreds of years, they have protected sailors and illuminated the night. These amazing buildings are ingenious monuments facing the wind and the sea.

1. The Maiden's Tower, Istanbul - Turkey:
The Maiden's Tower, also known as Leander Tower (Leandros Tower) since the medieval Byzantine period, is a tower located on a small island at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus, 200 meters from the coast of Üsküdar in Istanbul, Turkey.
There are many legends about the construction of the tower and its location. According to the most popular Turkish legend, an emperor had a much-loved daughter, and one day an oracle predicted that she would be killed by a venomous snake on her 18th birthday. In an effort to thwart his daughter's early demise by keeping her away from the land to keep her away from snakes, the Emperor had the tower built in the middle of the Bosphorus to protect his daughter until her 18th birthday. The princess was placed in the tower, where she was often visited only by her father.

On the princess's 18th birthday, the Emperor brought her a basket of exotic lush fruit as a birthday present, delighted to be able to prevent the prophecy. However, as she reached into the basket, an asp hiding among the fruits bit the young princess and died in her father's arms, just as the oracle had predicted. Hence the name Maiden's Tower.

2. Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Hjorring - Denmark
The Rubjerg Knude lighthouse is located on the coast of the North Sea in Rubjerg, in the municipality of Jutland in Hjørring in northern Denmark. It was first lit on December 27, 1900. Both drifting sand and coastal erosion are a serious problem in the area. The coast is eroded an average of 1.5 meters per year, which is most clearly seen in the nearby Mårup Church. The lighthouse stopped operating on August 1, 1968. For a number of years the buildings were used as a museum and coffee shop, but they were abandoned in 2002 due to constantly shifting sand. By 2009, the small buildings were severely damaged by the pressure of the sand and were later removed. The tower is expected to fall into the sea in 2023.

3. The Tower of Hercules, A Coruña - Spain:
The Tower of Hercules is the only Roman lighthouse still in operation today that has the same functions as when it was erected, on the one hand as a maritime sign and on the other to support navigation for the ships that were and passed the Atlantic corridor.

4. The Santa Marta lighthouse, Cascais - Portugal:
The Lighthouse - Santa Marta Museum that presents a general panorama of the lighthouses and life of a lighthouse keeper, a Casa de Santa Maria, which stands out for the variety and richness of its tile collection and finally the Sea Museum, which has important assets and it is the greatest example of the connection between Cascais and the sea, also belong to this tour.

5. Fastnet Rock, Ireland:
Fastnet Rock is a small island of slate with quartz veins. It rises to about 30 meters above the low water mark and is separated from the much smaller southern Little Fastnet by a 10 meter wide channel.
Fastnet Rock is used as the centerpiece of one of the world's classic offshore sailing races, the Fastnet Race, a 1,126-kilometer drive from Cowes on the Isle of Wight, around the rock and back to Plymouth. It is also sometimes used as a mark for yacht racing from local sailing centers such as Schull and Baltimore.

6. Phare Saint-Mathieu, Plougonvelin - France:
The Saint-Mathieu lighthouse is a lighthouse at Pointe Saint-Mathieu in Plougonvelin, around Brest in Finistère. The lighthouse is open to the public. The promontory of Saint-Mathieu is home to the ruins of an abbey, a sémpahore and a lighthouse. This bizarre juxtaposition is explained by the connections these structures shared in the history of Saint-Mathieu.

7. The Low Lighthouse, Burnham on Sea - UK:
The Low lighthouse is one of three lighthouses in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, England and the only one still operating. It is a monumental building. It stands on nine wooden pillars, some with sheet metal reinforcement. The structure is whitewashed with a vertical red stripe on the sea side.

8. Lighthouse of the Virgin Island, Plouguerneau - France:
Ile Vierge is a 6-hectare island located 1.5 kilometers off the northwest coast of Brittany, opposite the village of Lilia. It is located in the commune of Plouguerneau, in the department of Finistère. It is the location of the tallest stone lighthouse in Europe and the tallest "traditional lighthouse" in the world.

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